T-shirt quilt

During the little snowstorm the East coast had this past week, I decided to take the opportunity of being trapped in my insulated snowmound to detox from social media. While it hurt my soul to not start my day with Lin-Manuel’s morning tweets, I survived. More importantly, I followed through with a few creative projects with my free time. I sewed this quilt made from my old t-shirts that I couldn’t quite let go for one reason or another and I started a few writing pieces.

IMG_0853 (1).jpg

This storm was more than just a pause from life, for me. It was a full on stop that allowed me to escape, even for if it was just few days. I loved everyday that I was trapped because it gave me this excuse to just be and do something that I wouldn’t do normally, without the distractions and pressure of everyday life. So, thank you, Mother Nature for being hormonal.

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